Berthoud Floor Covering offers outstanding carpet and upholstery cleaning.  Our certified cleaning professionals use only the best and most environmentally friendly products to tackle those stubborn stains – cleaned right the first time, with no hidden charges.  Our van-mounted, Rotovac 360 hot water extraction method cleanses every side of each carpet fiber and is recognized by carpet manufacturers as a safe and effective cleaning system that complies with specific guidelines for proper carpet warranty maintenance.  When using a system like the Rotovac 360, the “old myth” that frequent carpet cleaning is damaging to your carpet just is not true.  In fact, the manufactures believe that a professional cleaning every 12 months actually helps prolong the life of your carpet!

Let us keep your carpets and furniture looking beautiful.  We also offer steam cleaning of tile and grout and bioenzyme treatment for pet, food, and smoke odors.

Roto Vac

The Roto Vac rotates the carpet fibers 360º which ensures each fiber gets cleaned from every angle  (a wand only cleans one side).  This will insure your carpet is cleaned completely and will increase the life of your carpet.

Flood Restoration

We can help with the worst flood disasters, including:

  • Water damage clean-up